Smoked daily so freshness is guaranteed.

Our smoking process cures the bones so no splintering

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Important announcement from Rob, the owner of Junkyard Bones:

Our Bones Do Not Splinter or Crack

After the FDA released findings that some dog treats can cause health problems, even death, it hit news headlines. This is not the case with our dog treat products.

Unfortunately, the information portrayed by the news was vague and didn’t get into the specific types of bones that could cause health problems. I found that the news needed some visual aids to better present the whole story. We never use rib bones or tibia bones because they are thin and will splinter.


I have been smoking beef bones for dogs for over 25 years, and have smoked over a million pounds in that time frame. Our process is all natural and the bones we use are dairy cattle bones which are older and stronger than normal beef cattle bones, they are RBST free and have a thicker gauge than the typical 9-month-old meat cattle that most purveyors use.

We also only use femurs as they are the strongest bone on a cow. We have tested the bones to ensure they are strong enough for even the strongest chewers. They do not crack or splinter.

Our process takes 4 days to produce the strongest bones possible. We currently sell to over 150 retail pet stores across the country, and have never had a bone fail.

I welcome you to come down and see our bone smoking process, we are located in downtown Renton. Read more about dog bone safety here.


Give your dog a bone.

We sell our hand-smoked bones to pet stores all down the West Coast. Check our Retail List to find a dealer near you. Or you can buy direct online, by the box and we’ll ship it right to your door.

Chew on this.

We hand-cut and hand-select every bone. Our smoking process cures the bones so there’s no splintering to worry about. All of our Super Premium pet products carry a 100% money back guarantee.


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