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  • We are local
  • Our bones are all natural
  • We smoke daily so freshness is guaranteed
  • We hand cut and hand select every bone
  • Our smoking process cures the bones so no splintering
  • All of our Super Premium pet products carry a 100% money back guarantee
staffordshire-terriersPlease, oh please…
Give us our Junkyard Bones!


Our story began in 1995

Rob Hancock was originally a chef in West Seattle, Washington. He started smoking leftover bones from his restaurant in his Little Chief smoker to feed to his own dogs, two American Staffordshire Terrier show dogs.

The dogs loved the bones, so Rob shared some with friends. Next thing you know, they started ending up in the hands of  local pet shops! The demand for his smoked bones grew, and the business was born!

Over the past years Rob remained a chef until 2013 when he got so busy, he switched to running the company full time.  He now works with his business partner, David Scherling, who oversees business development.

Junkyard Bones is now offering even more Super Premium products for your pets to enjoy.